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Gunsmith & Armorer Service

We offer the ABSOLUTE BEST hand done Gunsmithing and Armorer Services around! Our quality and attention to detail is unmatched! You will never be dissapointed!

Armorer Services

We are GLOCK certified armorers and AR15 Armorers and offer several services such as Professional Armorer cleanings and inspections where we break down your firearms to all of their individual pieces, inspect, repair/replace damaged parts, and bring it back to proper operations. We can replace, upgrade, and install parts such as upgraded triggers, sights, and titanium pins plus much more! We can also do a custom AR build for you in whatever caliber you desire. 5.56/223, 300BLK, 6.8SPC, or Ar10 308!!! Call us for specific pricing for your custom project! We will build you a package deal to get your gun done right the first time!

Gunsmith Services

Whether theres something just not working right in your gun or it snapped into several pieces we can bring your treasures back to life! We can do basic clean ups to full restorations and you will get back a fully functional and safe firearm to last you for years to come! Our hand-craftsmanship and quality are unmatched! Handguns, shotguns, rifles, antiques, modern, etc. You got it, we can take care of it! If you can dream it, we can make it!

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