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Training Services

We REFUSE to do the bare minimum! (Our SC CWP Course is scheduled for 8 hours, The state removed the 8 hour minimum requirement in 2014 but we did not use that as an excuse to cut our classes short. In fact, We took that as an opportunity to go more in depth and incorporating advanced shooting techniques with our SC CWP Class.)

Other facilities and instructors in the area will tell you that the SC CWP class "is not a pistol training class and they expect you to already know how to shoot"-Quote from previous client about their interaction at another facility. Well we feel differently about that. During our course we will cover everything from purchasing the right firearm for you, to proper shooting positions and techniques, and one on one instruction with the instructor at the range before the shooting portion of the test to ensure that you are ready to confidently, effectively, and safely operate, handle, discharge, and secure your firearms. We will spend as long as it takes to ensure you are ready when you leave the class.

*We are happy to schedule private classes and events for groups. We will even come to your location for indoor class portions and classes that don't require firearms qualifications. Call us to make arrangements and special pricing for larger groups.

Due to increased demand for more classes we are undergoing some major expansion efforts in order to serve our clients more effectively and offer an even greater training experience.

Our Courses will be offered at a limited availability during this expansion period so call us to get your spot in our next class now!

Please contact us for more details and to schedule your class.

SC Concealed Weapons Permit


Call For Scheduling and Reservations

***Current and Former Law Enforcement and 

Military are exempt from Firearms and 

Shooting portion of the class with proper 

firearms training documentation- If exempt, 

you will receive 50% off our standard rate

8 hr Class

(Can go longer depending on class size and participation)

Legals Portion

Hands on Firearms Training

Qualification on Safe Private Range

Home Firearms Safety Course


Best for Introducing Families and those new 

to Firearms

4 hr class

Hands On Activites with Different Firearms and How to safely handle, clean, and Store them.

No shooting in this class. Can do private classes where we come to you!!!

Basic & Advanced Firearms Training


Depending on Level of Class

For those who have never held a Firearm to 

those with years of experience, we have 

something for you that will increase your skill 


8 hr Class

(Can go longer depending on class size and participation)

Hands on Firearms training

Shoot and Train in Safe Private Range

For Basic Class add 1 to cart below, For advanced classes add 2 per person to the 

cart below.

Meet Our Chief Instructor

David Triana


David began his journey when he joined a rifle marksmanship 

team at the age of 15 and went on to become the Captain of the 

team before he graduated high school. He then decided to pursue 

his dream of joining the military and defending the country which 

he so dearly loves. He began his military career and was accepted 

into The Citadel, Military College of South Carolina where he 

earned a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice. He recieved a US 

Navy Scholarship and was commisioned as a Naval Officer upon 

graduation where he continued on to be selected as a Naval Flight 

Officer and attended Flight Training at NAS Pensacola. David 

continued his career after the military and accepted a position in 

Law Enforcement where he continues to serve his community.

David is certified as a Glock Certified Armorer, Ar15 Armorer, NRA 

Pistol Instructor, NRA Home Firearm Safety Instructor, SC Criminal 

Justice Academy Specific Skills Instructor (Law Enforcement),SC 

Criminal Justice Academy Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, 

and SLED Certified CWP Instructor

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